Nature is full of colors. Magnificent, vibrant and living colors.


Through my art I intend to tell their stories, show their power.  I intend to share the inspiring and healing beauty of colors made of plants.


And forget for a moment that in our everyday life we are surrounded by chemical colors. We do not know where they come from what they are made of. And we would probably prefer not to. 


As an artist, I want to tell you another story. I want to show your the magical power of natural colors, and especially plant-based colors, through paintings, drawings, prints and videos.  

To me, natural inks are a way to meditate and find some peace in a world that is dominated by plastic and chemicals.


I do not see Plants and Nature as a mere "subject", but rather as powerful partners to work with and build relationships with. From picking and growing to ink making and drawing, plants are at every step of the creative process.

Inspired by the living an vibrant nature of vegetal inks, I create parallel universes on paper in a very intuitive way, while following the ongoing energies.

In these dreamlike worlds, everyone can travel freely and draw his/her own stories from it. 

Trees, waves, waterfalls, mountains, roots, oceans, desert, earth : they appear before our tired eyes and make us breath just for a short moment. 

Drawing comes from time to time and finds magical creatures in these fantasy landscapes. They are running away from our chaotic reality, in an urgent search of Nature and peace. 

Désireux de promouvoir mon travail et le faire connaître auprès du grand public et des amateurs d'art, mais aussi de développer ma réflexion sur les pratiques artistiques écologiques, je suis très heureux de commencer une collaboration avec Sustainable Art Market. 

Sustainable Art Market (SAM) est une jeune société, créée en 2018 par Sabine Colombier, qui fait le pari de créer un lien innovant entre le marché de l’art et la sauvegarde de l’environnement. 


SAM offre des conseils en développement artistique, administration, visibilité sur le marché de l'art, assure un suivi en pratiques durables, organise des expositions et offre à l'artiste son réseau international de galeries, collectionneurs, marchands.


Dans le cadre de notre collaboration, 5% des ventes (oeuvres/ateliers) sont reversés à l'association Zéro Waste France (ZWF), qui milite pour une société zéro gaspillage et zéro déchet.


SAM est aussi membre expert du collectif Les Augures ( 

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