Bio and Resume

About me 

I am 30. I was born in Chambéry, near the French Alps, where I grew up surrounded by nature and mountains. 

I am a self-taught artist and I work and live in Lyon. Mountains are far now. But I found in drawing and ink-making a new powerful way to reconnect to nature. Originally, I used to play music.  The truth is, I found more freedom in drawing and I started doing it in a very intuitive way, inventing stories and imaginary black and white worlds where I found what was essential in my life. It was like an art-therapy. Now drawing it's just a vital routine. Like a ritual. 

I guess there are no coincidences. I started drawing just after I started getting really into plants. On papers, I build a personal mythology in which hybrid characters, which I called "plantkeepers", would navigate through our dreams in search of sacred plants, to bring them water and light. And woke us up from our everyday life reality in which most human beings are separated from the natural world.


About my work


As a self-taught artist, I entered the "world of colors"  through plants, after learning natural dying in the South of France. Working with natural colors appeared and still is the best way, in my opinion, to reveal the vibrant beauty of nature on art pieces. The creation process, from picking to growing plants, to ink and pigment making, is very important to me and influence my way of painting, drawing, my creative energy and therefore the final result. 

I do not see nature a mere subject of creation, but rather as a partner, as a co-author. This is why I believe that I must work side by side with Nature, in a respectful and responsible manner towards it.

I am also very sensitive to surrounding energies, chance in art and life and to the concept of serendipity. I often follow my intuitions and instincts, with the goal of obtaining the most authentic and nature-like graphic result. 

Advocating for natural colors


I intend to create art in a respectful way towards nature. I think that, as an artist, I must consider the impact of my creation process on the environnement and not only defend the cause through the subject of my art.


I do not care how much blue my ocean can be on the canvas, and how much resistant to light it is,  if it is made of chemicals and acrylic resin, two materials that I would never want to be in the real ocean... Yet, when talking about colors and art in general, about paintings and materials that we sometimes even struggle to breath, it seems like we never talk about their impact. I seems like we do not challenge the brands who produce it. Is pollution in art a taboo ?

In the current climate emergency context, I believe that we, as artists, should not only mobilize and raise awareness through the subject of our creation, but should also try to rethink the materials wee use (tools, medium, forms, etc.) but also the way we display and exhibit art. 

Therefore, my goal is to raise awareness among art-lovers, young artists and the general public to show that Nature is full of colors that we can easily use to make art, and reduce the impact of our work on the environment.

In this spirit, I wish to share my knowledge and passion with artists, art-lovers and amateurs who are interested in discovering the magical powers of vegetal colors. 

My goals 


I intend to keep on experimenting with natural colors to create unique and vibrant artworks, always and trying to reduce my impact on Nature as much as possible. 

I am also actively looking for an art gallery or art space to exhibit my work. I am open to any suggestion or invitation, and if you are interested I can send you an art portfolio with my main works and exhibition suggestions. Please feel free to contact me here. 

Artistic career

Individual works 

​2019 | Juin - Sélectionné pour les Lectures de Portfolio de Carré sur Seine, Boulogne-Billancourt. Plusieurs lectures réalisées. ​

2018 | Septembre : Artiste exposant au Marché des Artistes et de la Création de Lyon pour l’année 2018-2019.

2018 | Juin - Sélectionné pour les Lectures de Portfolio de Carré sur Seine, Boulogne-Billancourt. Plusieurs lectures réalisées. ​


Collective works

2019 | En cours : collaboration avec le poète lyonnais Patrick Dubost (Armand le poète). 

2018 | Décembre : Exposition collective «Nouvel Éclat», Galerie SUPERPOSITION, Lyon. 

2018 | Juillet - Exposition collective, Mairie du 3ème arrodissement de Lyon. 



2019 |  Natural Paints, Ôkhra, Roussillon (Provence), France.

2018 | Wood Engraving, Aracaju, Brazil. 

2018 | Natural Dying - Die, France. 

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