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Workshops to learn how to make inks out of plants, for drawing, painting, dying and screenprinting.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all workshops are cancelled until further notice.

Throughout the year, I offer vegetal inks workshops at my place, in Lyon (France) or in other places (shops, artistic venues, schools, etc.). 

Workshops are practice-based but I also teach theory and historical content about vegetal colors (content described below). 

I prefer to work with small groups 5/10 people so that everyone can practice autonomously. 

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Workshops in French, English and Portuguese

I am fluent in these languages !​

Possibility to organize workshops in France & abroad

I can come to your place with my own material if needed and possible. I usually bring different plants but it is also possible to use local plans that grow in the surrounding area. I can easily travel to Switzerland. In other countries it's better if it comes with some another opportunity, like an art exhibition in your place..

Different formats

I can adapt the workshop to your needs. It can be a 4 hours workshop or 7 hours, to include screenprinting with vegetal inks. 2 day workshops are also possible.

Please feel free to reach me here.


- Vegetal Colors : natural dyes, mordants, history. 

- Inks : basic principles

- Making a vegetal black Ink from Middle-Age recipe : showing work method, material, ingredients. 

- Making several vegetal inks on your own. Each participant choses one plant to make different colors with it. 

- Inks activities: color chart, experimentations on paper, mixing inks, etc. 

- Transforming ink for screenprinting 

- Screenprinting with vegetal inks (on paper) 

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Next workshops Cancelled due to Covid-19

- Mercredi 29 janvier 14h-18h (dans mon atelier à Lyon, Route de Vienne) : complet 

- Mercredi 12 février 14h-18h (dans mon atelier à Lyon, Route de Vienne) : reste trois places

- Mercredi 11 mars 14h-18h (dans mon atelier à Lyon, Route de Vienne)

- Samedi 28 mars 10h-17h (dans mon atelier à Lyon, Route de Vienne)

- Samedi 25 avril 10h-17h (dans mon atelier à Lyon, Route de Vienne)

- Mercredi 27 mai 10h-17h (dans mon atelier à Lyon, Route de Vienne)

- Samedi 6 juin 10h-17h (dans mon atelier à Lyon, Route de Vienne)

- Samedi 13 juin à l'Effet Canopée (Lyon 1) : 3 places restantes

- + de dates bientôt !

List of prices for workshops at my place 

  • Full rate : 100€ for 7h format, 65€ for 4h format. 

  • Reduced rate : 80€ for 7h format, 65€ for 4h format. 

  • I make special rates for groups. Please contact me if you have any question. 

Workshops with partners


Les Halles du Faubourg, Lyon (octobre 2019) (Lyon 7): atelier de fabrication d'encres végétales.